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    After a long illness, Pat is back and he's writing! More exciting news is that Pat's books are available on the Kindle.
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Deception Plan


U.S. Colonel Ed Coffin is sent to South Korea, the land of his birth, to lead the most important and grim investigation of his career: a secret U-2 spy plane has crashed under highly suspicious circumstances. A former U-2 squadron commander, Coffin is teamed up with his former lover, the irrepressible OSI investigator Marva "Mother" Hubbard, and together they learn that the plane's pilot was specifically targeted for death -- but why? Navigating a geopolitical web strewn with murder, ambition, and betrayal, Coffin is soon embroiled in a desperate race for survival. But Coffin is also on another, more personal mission -- and one way or the other, it may be his last.

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